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Welcome to the Yuripedia!Edit

Welcome to the Yuripedia! The yuri wiki that anyone can edit!

This wiki is dedicated to the yuri genre in anime and manga, and the characters who represent it. Please—also—keep in mind that this wiki will be focusing on sensitive topics that is not for everyone.

Please pop a seat, and enjoy the ride!

What is Yuri?Edit

Yuri (百合), also known by the wasei-eigo construction Girls' Love (ガールズラブ gāruzu rabu), is a Japanese jargon term for content and a genre involving love between women in manga, anime, and related Japanese media. Yuri can be about the sexual or the emotional aspects of a relationship, or both.

FAQ Edit

What's this about?

This wiki is meant to be an easy to access database for lesbian characters from anime and manga. The characters are ranked according to the "Yuri Feats" they had in the show, which is the gay things they have done or said. The characters are ranked in 3 statistics: Gayness, Lewdness and Boldness.

How do you measure Gayness?

Gayness is a measure of how gay the character is, a 100% bisexual character would get a score of 5 since she's 50% gay and 50% straight. The gayness is directly measured from the "Yuri Feats" she has. For a character to get a profile in this wiki she needs to fulfill 2 conditions:

  • She needs at least a 4 on Gayness
  • Even if she's bisexual, her love interest needs to be a girl

If a character doesn't meet any of these 2 conditions she can't have a profile in this wiki.

How do you measure Lewdness?

Lewdness is how much a character has lewd thoughts or has a lewd behavior towards her love interest. The opposite of lewdness is pureness, so the more pure a character is, the less lewd she is. Lewdness tends to be confused with gayness, that's why it's a separated score.

How do you measure Boldness?

Boldness is how much a character is willing to show affection, or reciprocate affection, from her love interest. You can use a tsundere to measure it since they (normally) tend to be 50% Tsun, 50% Dere, so they get a score of 5. If the character is not tsundere you measure it according to how dense or timid the character is, a pretty dense or timid character would get a score lower than 5, but if she doesn't really mind showing and reciprocating affection she'd get a perfect 10. Boldness can be lewd, but it's not always lewd, that's why it's a separated score.

What about the Gallery?

Every character needs a Gallery of pictures from the show or manga, to prove the feats they have. A profile won't be accepted if it doesn't have a gallery.


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