Yui Yamada
山田 結衣
Yamada Yui
Age 16-18
Gayness 9
Lewdness 7
Boldness 6

Yui Yamada is the protagonist of the yuri manga Asagao To Kase-san. She is a dense and timid girl who is part of her school's greenery committee and loves weeding the school grounds.

Yuri Feats Edit

  • She gets nervous when she's near Kase Tomoka.
  • She thinks about marrying kase to change her last name.
  • She didn't time Kase's beginning run,so when Kase touched her hands while erasing the wrong record, she was happy.
  • Her wish is her love for Kase would be returned by Kase herself.
  • She loves Kase so much.
  • When she heard Kase wanted to see her even during the summer break, she cried of happiness.
  • She treasured the time she spent with Kase.
  • She got jelous after she heard about Kase' ex was from her club.
  • She looked at Kase's breasts with excitement.

Gallery Edit

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