Tamao Suzumi
涼水 玉青
Suzumi Tamao
Age 16
Gayness 10
Lewdness 8
Boldness 9

Tamao Suzumi is a main character from Strawberry Panic!. Tamao has a nice, helpful personality. She is Nagisa's roommate and lover. She is a member of the Literature Club. She is usually left out and neglected, even though she tries very hard to satisfy everyone's needs, especially for Aoi Nagisa.

Yuri Feats Edit

  • She's the ultimate caring partner of Nagisa, as she shares her food with her and even fed her a spoon of her pudding, and at episode 20 she consoled her when she cried.
  • She loves Nagisa's angry face too, after she teased her.
  • She loves Nagisa's sleeping face.
  • She confessed to her while she was asleep and give her a kiss at episode 20.
  • She helps Nagisa to put on her uniform and she is willing to help her until she get used to it.
  • She is possessive and clingy of Nagisa.
  • She takes good care of Nagisa's beauty as she combs her hair and put on a manicure for her.
  • She wanted to protect Nagisa from Shizuma, but she lost to her.
  • She notes Nagisa's body measurements in her diary.
  • Even when she prays, she thinks of how wonderful Nagisa is for her.

Gallery Edit

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