Sophie Neuenmuller
A17 Sophie 2
Sofī Noienmyurā
Age 16-24
Gayness 8
Lewdness 4 (6+ when intoxicated)
Boldness 6 (8+ when intoxicated)

Sophie Neuenmuller is one of the main characters and the protagonist of Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book. She is a budding alchemist who wants to help others like her grandmother. While writing a recipe down one day she ends up bringing Platcha to life, whereupon Platcha decides to become her alchemy teacher.

Yuri FeatsEdit

  • She takes a bath with her best friend Monika.
  • She promises to help Platcha get her body back, and she was the one who gave Platcha a doll form.
  • Without Sophie Platcha wouldn't have been able to regain her memories and have a doll form.
  • Platcha is the person she includes among the people she wishes to make them happy.
  • Her atelier with Platcha is their special place where the beginning of their bond blooms, she's so glad to have meet her and wishes to stay with her forever.
  • Monoica is the girl who often calls her when she needed a company for an adventure because she's actually really strong, and Sophie herself seems to be very helpful to her in any way she can, like when she helped her cleaning the church, she met Pamela Ibis after that, who she suggested to gave her the things aren't used by the church for her alchemy recipes, but later decided to gave it to the donations since she hadn't the money to lent her in thanks for her service; and when she helped Monica with Mr.Horst's request.
  • She have some romantic moments with Tess Heitzmann, one when Sophie was starting to put moves on her like natural when they went out to enjoy a crepe together.
  • In Lydie & Suelle she calls Platcha "completely irreplaceable" causing Platcha to blush.