Shizuma Hanazono
花園 静馬
Hanazono Shizuma
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Gayness 10
Lewdness 8
Boldness 9

Shizuma Hanazono is a main character from Strawberry Panic! series. She is the Etoile, Shizuma is a highly respected and much beloved person to most of the other students attending the three schools. She looks very mysterious and also seems to have a number of secrets to match this visage. She is the former partner of Kaori.

Yuri Feats Edit

  • She kissed Nagisa right after she saw her.
  • She enjoys teasing Nagisa Aoi sexually, more than Miyuki Rokujou.
  • She teased Miyuki by kissing her for a joke at episode 21 and give her a hug at sunset.
  • She is happy whenever Nagisa is with her, and she loves gardening and playing piano with her at episode 6.
  • She kissed Nagisa in the pool at episode 12.
  • She confessed her love boldly for Nagisa at episode 26.
  • She loved preying on other girls before she fell in love truely with Nagisa.
  • At episode 2, she lured Nagisa into the library to kiss her, but when she has been interrupted by Chiyo and Tamao she disappeared.

Gallery Edit

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