Rhiana Alkanet
Riāna Arukana
Age 10
Gayness 10
Lewdness 7
Boldness 6

Rhiana Alkanet is the second protagonist of the yuri manga "Majo To Houki To Kurobuchi Megane". A girl who moves in next door to Noriko, calls herself a witch, lives in a large house alone with Sheska.Noriko awakens a new power in her, but that power is a dangerous one that could come at the cost of herself.

Yuri FeatsEdit

  • She is amazed of Noriko's pain-removing spell and appreciates it.
  • She is a masochist, like when Noriko hits her she shivers and feels good. and when she said that even being forced by Noriko turns into pleasure.
  • She's obedient to Noriko only, and her body feels strangely warm when Noriko orders her around.
  • She wondered if her parents will accept her as Noriko's wife.
  • She isn't afraid being alone thanks to Noriko.
  • She is possessive of Noriko, and she won't let any girl near her, like when she decided to enroll to the school her rival for Noriko's attention Mikan is.

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