Ranka Kagurazaka
神楽坂 乱花
Age 15
Gayness 10
Lewdness 8
Boldness 9
Ranka Kagurazaka is a major character in the game Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni. She younger of the Kagurazaka sisters. Determined and whimsical, she’s a hot-blooded girl. Her birthday is August 19th

Yuri Feats Edit

  • She flirts with and has a siscon-like relationship with her older sister Rinka.
  • At the beginning of the game she only cares about Rinka, and even later she's still overprotective of her.
  • She gets embarrassed when Momo sneaks up on her and gropes her.
  • As she arrived to Bhikkhuni Island with Rinka, she told her she's just happy to be with her.
  • After Momo sneaked up on Rinka to suddenly start groping her breasts, she was agitated by Momo's act that she refrained her to touch Rinka's chest without her permission, and had her know that her sister's boobs are a very big deal, insomuch that she requested Rinka to step back so she will beat Momo, plus she promised to get Momo back for fondling her sister's boobs.
  • The reason for why she is easily irritated by Momo: is because she doesn't want her putting a damper on herself and Rinks's fun recuperation getaway.
  • She would beat Momo black and blue if she harms so much as a hair on Rinka's head.
  • Even if Rinka was a little worn out after the acceptance exam for Bhikkhuni Island, she worried about her so much.
  • As long as she have Rinka in the educational area as well as the business area where they'll share one room is enough to make her happy, that's why she didn't care that much about making friends, not as much as Rinka.
  • Starting on the treatment program from the educational area and making her way to the training area joined with Rinka, she was determined to show the director what a real bond between sisters is like.
  • She get pumped up easily only because she believe she can give Rinka plenty of support for once.
  • Whether to return to normal life out of Bhikkuhni Island or to stay in it, the choice didn't concerned her more than being with Rinka, if she can make use of the VR Virus to protect her, she'll use it without a second thought, but if it threatens to tear them apart, then she'll control it or seal it or do whatever she need so she can stay by Rinka's side.
  • To go on a date with Rinka around Bhikkuhni Island for sightseeing, she was excited.
  • Coming across Mana in the training grounds, she signified that Momo must be really glad to have Mana there for her.
  • Beckoning Mana's good characters, she said that she smells really nice, and she's even got "A fantastic rack" too.
  • She used the situation when she beckoned Mana's good characters as a chance to fondle her breasts, she also bid Momo to cop a feel of them too since it's not every day she get a chance like that.
  • All that matters to her is living on Bhikkhuni Island together with Rinka, she couldn't ask for more than that.
  • She won't let anyone get between her and Rinka, so she decided to protect her at all costs.
  • To hand Rinka over to Mana is out of the question to her, therefore she presented to help with her training in place of Rinka because she believe she's the only one who's allowed to pair up with Rinka.
  • The reason she loitered to train with Mana was: because she's just been dragging Rinka sightseeing or shopping that whole time, she assured that as long as she's with Rinka, she can stand up to anything.
  • When Mana tried to ask Rinka to pair up with her in place of Momo, she prevented her from doing so because she believe she's the only only one who's allowed to pair up with Rinka, while for a moment she deemed Mana as their enemy.
  • Her intent before she started eaing a katsudon plate which has been made and presented by Manpukumaru was: to build her strength in order to protect Rinka.
  • Because Rinka have only ever fought with a sword, she admired her gap moe.
  • She can notice the slightest change of Rinka's body since their coming to Bhikkuhni Island, like how her boobs have been getting bigger.
  • Since Rinka's bra felt tight to her, she settled to go to Echigoya store for it has a massive underwear selection, even some real naughty ones that she mentioned.
  • To her, there's no point moving ahead with her treatment program if it means leaving Rinka behind on her own, that's why she declined Mana's partnership's offer.
  • If Rinka doesn't want to fight Kongo, she wouldn't drag her along into it.
  • For she guessed Rinka only decided to team up with her to fight Kongo because she said she wanted to fight Kongo, she was really glad and happy that her blood went pumping so hard and led her to fancy that she might get a nosebleed.
  • For Rinka's sake, she resolved to get a passing grade on fighting Kongo, and when they passed, she said that she was able to wring every last ounce of strength out of herself all thanks to Rinka.

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