Konata Izumi
泉 こなた
Izumi Konata
Age 18
Gayness 5
Lewdness 7
Boldness 10

Konata Izumi is one the main characters on both the Manga and Anime Lucky Star. She is the leader of the Lucky Star crew, and is the protagonist. She is smart at times, but she hates studying. She loves video games, manga and anime, sometimes she even visualizes real life like video games or anime. She's a professional VN player and likes to play Galges and Eroges directed at both genders, equally. Her star sign is Gemini.

Yuri Feats Edit

  • She likes and records Strawberry Panic!.
  • She can notice even the slightest change in Kagami's chest size.
  • She knows that Kagami actually tried in Valentine's Day.
  • She missed Kagami when she went to the Hiiragi household and only Tsukasa was there.
  • She started noticing her feelings for Kagami in episode 15 after the concert.
  • She compared herself with a fox and compared Kagami with a bunny. And foxes catch bunnies.
  • She tried to lure Kagami with food, to get the same reaction that Tsukasa got with the deers.
  • She noticed that something was wrong with Kagami while no one else did, and she also managed to help her.
  • She likes to rate sexy girls with her dad while watching TV, and has folders for each type of girl, specially tsundere.
  • Konota teases practically everyone, though it seems that she teases Kagami more than anyone else.

Gallery Edit