Kīko Kawakami
Kawakami Kīko
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Gayness 9
Lewdness 8
Boldness 6

Kīko Kawakami is the protagonist of the yuri OVA Kuttsukiboshi. she is a classmate and lover of Aaya Saitō. After an accident, she exhibited supernatural powers, an introverted and kind girl.

Yuri Feats Edit

  • She is in love with everything about Aaya.
  • For her Aaya's presence is more important than anything else in the world, and her voice is more beautiful than any other sound in the world.
  • She wanted to ask how she felt to Aaya, but she couldn't bring herself to text or call her, because she was scared that she wouldn't reply, but she can't possibly forget about her because her thoughts are only of her.
  • She'll do more things together with Aaya, they'll fill each other with memories, she'll make her hers, even if she have to force her with her powers, because no matter how much Aaya touches her body she gets excited because she loves her.
  • She confessed her love to Aaya at the end of the OVA, and no matter what happens, she'll still like everything about her.
  • She kept gazing lovingly at Aaya before being lovers.
  • She tried to have her first kiss with Aya while she was taking a nap under a tree.
  • She thinks that Aaya is cute in everything she wears.
  • She is caring about Aaya, like when she was absent from school she visited her house to look after her.
  • She gets shocked and jealous when she witnessed the view of Aaya being close with her brother.

Gallery Edit

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