Kanade Sakurai
櫻井 奏
Sakurai Kanade
Age 16-17
Gayness 10
Lewdness 7
Boldness 6

Kanade Sakurai is a main character from the yuri anime Candy Boy. She is Yukino's younger twin, although generally considered more mature than her sister. She is also somewhat easy to ruffle emotionally, especially by Yukino. She is also is an artist and wants to pursue art studies.

Yuri Feats Edit

  • She is close to Yukino, as she sleeps next to her, and usually seen holding hands with her.
  • She is happy enough when she is with Yukino, and can't stand being seperated from her, like what happened at the last episode when they avoided each other due to a misunderstanding, they reconciled right after that and return to their days spent together.
  • Since she was in a different apartment she couldn't spent much time together with her, so she wanted at least toke some general Eds with her despite disliking Math.
  • She is used to drawing Yukino and for that reason she asked her to be her model.
  • She dreams about Yukino often, and when Yukino asked her to tell her about them she refuced saying that it's embarassing to tell her.
  • She said that she'll buy Yukino Valentine's chocolate in a tsundere way.
  • On Christmas, After she put on an earing on Yukino's ear, She couldn't hold herself from bitting her.
  • She toke a video of her sleep talking.

Gallery Edit

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