Haruka Takayama
高山 春香
Takayama Haruka
Age 15-16
Gayness 10
Lewdness 8
Boldness 10

Haruka Takayama (高山 春香 Takayama Haruka?) is one of the main characters on both the manga and anime Sakura Trick. She is a clingy girl and good at school, but she's clueless on the topic of love. She's Yuu's closest friend since junior high school. Her star sign is Cancer.

Yuri Feats Edit

  • She's in a relationship with Yuu.
  • She and Yuu normally solve every issue they have by kissing, even the ones not related to their relationship.
  • She constantly imagines herself in lewd situations with Yuu, but when it comes to actions, she doesn't really manage to do anything, and Yuu ends being lewder than her anyway.
  • She was blessed while being dragged by both Yuu and Mitsuki.
  • She almost raped Yuu once if it weren't because of Mitsuki though.
  • It's a plot point that her understanding of love is limited, even though she's gay, she doesn't understand how the love she feels for Yuu is different to the love she feels for any other person. She didn't even get it when Mitsuki confessed to her. She's determined to understand it though.

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