Firis Mistlud
Firisu misutōrudo
Age 15 (Atelier Firis)
19 (Atelier Lydie & Suelle)
Gayness 7
Lewdness 5
Boldness 9

Firis Mistlud is a the protagonist of the game Atelier Firis: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Journey. She is the younger sister of Liane Mistlud. She initially works as a miner and because of her special ability she has never had to use a pickaxe to find ore.

Yuri feats Edit

  • She is very close to her own (adopted) sister.
  • She loves her big sister Liane Mistuld above all and considers her the best and more amazing than herself.
  • She was staring lovingly at Liane and thought about how cool she is when she's working.
  • After Sophie Neuenmuller made an expansionary entrance along with Plachta, she guided them kindly to where she lives to put out their Atelier, where she discovered her interest in the alchemy thanks to Sophie, and in their short parting she said crying that she felt like she's always too reliant for receiving Sophie's parting gift which was the Atelier.
  • When she saw that Ilmeria Von Leinweber is messed up, she came to help her by borrowing her important Atelier, after that she praised her ability of alchemy and hoped to see her again.
  • Before Atelier Lydie & Suelle she ran an atelier together with Ilmeria.
  • She along with Plachta get really when Mathias attempted to ask Sophie out to eat.