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Kotoko -Agony (lyrics) anime: Kannazuki no Miko (ending theme) album: Re-sublimity (2004)

English Translation The dream that would come true someday Only becomes a faint, unheard mutter Wandering while inside the light of the night Soon those eyes will open if it's fate At least, yes, only now...

Feeling down after it didn't happen, I hang my head inside the night wind Tears Moonlight Overflowing from my palm What do you want? My lips uttered in the darkness

That smiling face which pierced my heart when we met I really want to protect it within the agonizing, crushing pain I had embraced our fleeting promise

Just to be able to be close to you Just to be able to be with you at the same time Even if the distant memories are making me warm by the sadness it brings me with Within the ever revolving thoughts Will our peaceful end come? This repeating question dances in the heavens And changes into the light of dawn's sky

Everything is an illusion, they're gone as soon as they appear My fingers that dispose my evil thoughts are entangled with a colourless chain Which loneliness braided as much as I struggle

My heels are like cutting through the wind It's too cold now "It's because you're here" But I can't let go of the other words that had fallen into darkness

Just taking a breath Just to feel the same pain Little by little, I finally realised Of this love that gathers happiness Because in the eyes that rests on my frozen shoulders I have found the one I want to protect At the next dawn the fragments rusted with regret which I caught Could turn into light

Just to touch each other, just to think of that happiness Welling up inside Even if we parted for a moment, becoming a bond that will never vanish

Just to be close to you Just to be with you at the same time Even if the distant memories are making me warm by the sadness it brings me with If the guidance within these etched symbols Ever fails again The moment we meet again shall bypass the memories of a thousand years And change into light

Kanji いつか見た夢 届かないつぶやきだけ 夜の光に包まれて彷徨い行く やがて見開くその瞳 運命なら せめて そう、今だけ...

叶わないと俯(うつむ)く 夜風にただうなだれ 涙 月影 手の平に溢れてゆく 何が欲しいの? 唇は闇に震えていた

出逢ったあの時に胸突いた笑顔 護りたくて ずっと崩れそうな約束を 痛み潰すほどに抱きしめてた

側に居れるだけで 同じ時間にいられるだけで 遠い記憶 蘇る悲しみも温めて行けるのに 廻り続けている思いに 安らぎ満ちた終わりは来るの? 繰り返した問い掛けは天に舞い 明けの空の 光に変わる

全て幻 浮かんではまた消えてく 邪念かき消す指先に絡み付いた無色の鎖 もがくほど孤独を編んでいた

断ち切られるように踵(きびす)かえす風 冷たすぎる今も「君がいるからだよ」と 闇に落ちた言葉 離れない

息をしてるだけで 同じ痛みを感じるだけで ほんの少し幸せを積み上げる愛 気付いてしまった 凍えて肩寄せる瞳に 護りたいもの 見つかったから 次の夜明け 手にしてた後悔で錆びた欠片 光に変える

触れあうだけでその幸せを思っただけで こみ上げてく 束の間のさよならも 消えぬ絆になると

側に居られるだけで 同じ時間にいられるだけで 遠い記憶 蘇る悲しみも温めて行けるのに 刻み込まれていた証(しるし)に 導かれまた倒れる時も 見つめ合った一瞬が千年の記憶を越え 光に変わる

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